Successful Human Resources: Adopting The Peter Drucker Method


Running a successful organization means having a human resources department that can integrate modern business practice along with the methods of Peter Drucker, known as the father of modern management. Mr. Drucker developed the methods of self-control and management by objectives, and his writings are still in practice by today’s business leaders.

Being a competent manager encompasses several ideas which Mr. Drucker laid out in his writings. The idea of a business sticking with its core competency is one of his ideas, first discussed in 1989. Businesses that stretch their limits beyond what they can accomplish well will often find themselves out of business soon.

In terms of human resources, his writings are some of the most advanced and still in use today. Ideas such as respecting your fellow employees, the concept of outsourcing, and the concept of a knowledge worker, or a worker whose main function is knowledge (for example a software engineer, or a scientist), are all ideas first conceptualized by Peter Drucker.

To be successful in human resources an individual must know not only the legalities of employee laws, but must also be able to be empathetic towards employees and their issues. An employee must feel they can trust their human resources department so that they feel free to bring any and all complaints or issues.

Everyone interested in human resources would benefit themselves by studying the writings of Peter Drucker. He predicted the change of blue collar America into what it is now, a more knowledge based economy. He realized early in his career the importance of the non-profit sector of business. He also realized the need for a concept called planned abandonment. In other words, yesterday’s success was great, but wat have you done for me lately?

A company must remember that in order to survive, it’s customer must come first. Mr. Drucker believed that profit should not be the goal of a business, but rather what enabled a business to continue and to grow. In some ways we have abandoned that principal today and businesses who have forgotten this rule have suffered for it.

A successful human resources department will have personnel that are knowledgeable, but who are also empathetic to their employee’s needs. Any business who forgets that its employees are its backbone will find themselves out of business very quickly in today’s fast moving economy.

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